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Usher’s New Look Foundation

When Usher Raymond founded New Look in 1999, he and his mother researched issues that youth face by listening to proceedings at the local juvenile court. Seeing a gap in positive role models and the inability of many youth to see beyond their current circumstance, he created the Foundation to give kids a “new look” on life. Over the years, Usher realized that only by joining forces with others can New Look grow its impact beyond the dozens, or the hundreds, or the thousands.

“one world, powered by service.”

In 2005 Shawn Wilson was hired as President, worked to restructure the board, ensured annual audited financials and put considerable focus on developing a curriculum model based on best practices in youth leadership, which is now validated by Emory University. New Look Foundation is at a growth point to scale its programs, enabling 50,000 youth to become certified as leaders over the next five years. We at New Look invite you to join our efforts.  http://www.ushersnewlook.org