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Project by Project

Project by Project (PbP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organiation comprised of a team of professionals with backgrounds in finance, consulting, technology, media, entertainment, and law. PbP’s founding team felt it could play a strong role in assisting community groups in securing capital, reaching out to new groups of volunteers and bringing greater awareness to issues affecting the Asian American community. Based on these principals. PbP created its campaigns around a 3-pronged mission that is still in practice today: Fundraising, Volunteering, and Awareness.

Bulding upon those principles and looking to impact as many causes as possible as it expands. PbP created a method of taking on a different local community partner every year, touching on a different issue every year. The method of focusing on one issue at a time for a period of a year allows PbP to work in-depth with the partner and thoroughly educate its volunteers on the cause. Learn more.